ECL Ductwork, East Anglia's Leading Ductwork Specialists

Specialising in the manufacture of sheet metal ductwork to DW 144, constructed from galvanised steel. Also offering solutions in stainless steel and non-ferrous aluminium ductwork for specialist applications.


Stainless Steel

We manufacture a range of stainless steel ductwork to suit project specific requirements. Available in a range of grades and finishes including 304, 316 or 430 SS and commonly associated within kitchens, laboratories or food processing applications, the outcome is unparalleled conductive performance and corrosion resistance. A cost effective and aesthetically superior alternative to plastic ducting.


For applications such as MRI rooms where non-ferrous ductwork is required we can manufacture duct from Aluminium and use all non-ferrous components and fixings to meet project specifications.


Plasma technology and automated duct-forming equipment facilitate the rapid production of high quality rectangular ductwork. Skilled sheet metal workers form bends and set pieces from plasma-cut templates to create accurately dimensioned, specification compliant items to aid installation. Available in a range of sheet thickness from .6mm to 1.2mm. Ductwork from thicker sheet or mild steel and galvanised after manufacture available on request.

Spiral Ducting

Spirally wound ductwork, circular in diameter, provides a means to rapidly overcome site dimensions at the termination of a ductwork system, as well as an effective alternative to rectangular galvanised duct.

One-off Fabrications

Compressor Housings, Large Format Louvres, Roof Penthouse Louvres, Hoppers, Grille Plenum Boxes, Louvre Plenums - We manufacture a range of industry related products to suit client or project requirements.

Fans & Air Handling Units

Tell us your problem, we'll solve it! We have engineers on hand to evaluate your air handling problems and calculate solutions. From here we can build custom units to deliver efficient air movement on any scale.

Fire Rated Duct Systems

Firemac Systems offer us the flexibility to manufacture our own duct on-site and as required, all certified to BS9999.


We also supply all aspects of air movement equipment, including:


  • Grilles
  • Dampers
  • Flexible ductwork
  • Fans
  • Attenuators
  • MVHR Units


Specialist paint finishes for all our products available on request.

ECL Ductwork, East Anglia's Leading Ductwork Specialists